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To Serve Better: Benet Magnuson ’09烟台谦大美贸易有限公司

December 23, 2019

When Benet Magnuson joined Kansas Appleseed in 2013 as its executive director he pretty much had only himself to supervise. But within a couple of years the social justice nonprofit had a dozen staffers working all over the state.

The Snow-cratic Method临沧盈盈瑞设备有限公司

December 20, 2019

Winter through the years at Harvard Law School, from frosted branches to student skaters to that cold air crunch and the fresh coat of crystal: Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

President Donald J. Trump impeached: What’s next?铁岭兴盈宏服务有限公司

December 19, 2019

On Dec. 18, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to impeach President Donald J. Trump, making him the third president since the founding of the United States to face this sanction. HLS faculty weigh in how we got here and what to expect next.

Students showcase films on tort law and justice锦州浩顺台有限公司

December 19, 2019

A night of glamour at HLS to celebrate student films on tort law and justice.

Minow, Gordon-Reed probe what impeachment means and where it leads阳泉祥升多商贸有限公司

December 19, 2019

To gain a better understanding of the issues in play following the House impeachment of President Donald Trump, the Harvard Gazette asked faculty and affiliates in history, law, politics, government, psychology, and media to offer their thoughts.